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Compact Battery For Easy Mobility

Built-in LiFePO4 Battery cells. Large capacity, long cycle life, high safety, environmental protectionIntelligent communicationSupport parallel capacity expansion, frame design structure, to meet the demand of large capacity power

Long Product Life And Good Quality ​

BYD/EVELiF EPO4 Battery Internal Cells
Over 10 years battery performance, 5 year warranty
suitable for solar energy intelligent BMS system to optimize performance
Can be used in conjunction with multiple devices, compatible with different loads

Rack-Mounted Design Structural Features

High density, small size and weight 6000 cycles long life, depth cycle 6000 cycles, can be stored solar energy
Communication: RS485/CAN, compatible with different brands of solar inverter
Reliable product quality, provide after-sales technical guidance

Large Capacity, Long Cycle Life

Mobile energy storage plants that operate independently of the pressure on the city’s power supply.
During periods of low power consumption, the batteries in a home energy storage system can recharge themselves and be used for backup power peaks or blackouts.
In addition to being used as an emergency power source, a home energy storage system can also balance the electrical load and thus save money on household electricity costs.

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Product data

ER MB48300
Battery type
Nominal Voltage
Amp Hour Capacity
Energy Density
Charging cutoff Voltage
Discharge cutoff Voltage
Max Charge Current
Max Discharge Current
Charge Temperature
(0 to 55)℃
Discharge Temperature
(-20 to 65)℃
Dimension (LxWxH)
It depends on the actual situation
Shipping Classification
Cycle Life(0.5C,25℃@80%DOD)
>6200 cycles
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