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product description

Rated power (kWh)
Discharge voltage range (V)
Rated charging current (A)
50A @25°C
50A @25°C
Maximum charging current (A)100A @25°C
100A @25°C
Discharge depth
DOD 90%
DOD 90%
Communication method
Life5000times 0.5C @25°C5000times 0.5C @25°C
Operating temperatureCharge 0°C-50°C/Discharge -10°C-+55°CCharge 0°C-50°C/Discharge -10°C-+55°C
Storage temperatureTemperature -15°C-+60°CTemperature -15°C-+60°C
Battery core materialLithium Iron PhosphateLithium Iron Phosphate
Battery warranty period3 years3 years
Rated power5000W5000W
Rated voltage110VAC110VAC
Maximum charging current (A)100A100A
Switching time≤20ms≤20ms
WaveformSine waveSine wave
Battery access voltage40-60V40-60V
Maximum PV access voltage (open circuit)500Vdc500Vdc
Maximum PV access power5500W5500W
MPPT operating voltage range120-450Vdc120-450Vdc
Inverter warranty period1 year1 year
Length*width*height (mm)588*196*808mm588*196*1238mm
Weight (kg)58kg105kg
WIFI moduleYesYes
Aerosol fire protection moduleNoNo

Solar Energy Storage Battery System With Inverter

Ultra-thin low-voltage energy storage inverter all-in-one machine

Grade A battery

Automotive-grade batteries ensure stable and reliable performance output.


Safe and reliable

Only uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, built-in BMS, automatic fire aerosol device, automatic hot start heating module.


Customized wire connections

Rigorous testing ensures superior durability and interference resistance.

Ericsity Home Solar Energy Storage Battery System with Inverter 10Kw 15Kw 20Kw Integrated Off-Grid Hybrid Solar System

Flexible configuration and easy installation

Modular design, freely configurable according to different needs

Ultra-high protection, safe and worry-free

IP65 protection level, easy to cope with outdoor environment

Seamless switching between multiple modes

Intelligent switching of various application modes, seamless switching to off-grid mode during power outage

Remote monitoring, keep an eye on it at any time

The management platform has a user-friendly design. You can log in freely from mobile phones and computers to view real-time working status.

Intelligent home energy management

Intelligently configure energy storage charging and discharging strategies based on electricity usage habits, peak and valley electricity prices, and safety indicators to maximize overall value.

Solar Energy Storage Battery System With Inverter
Solar Energy Storage Battery System With Inverter

Household energy storage allinone machine

The home energy storage all-in-one machine is a system that integrates energy storage, inversion, charging, discharging, intelligent control and other functions. It can convert renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy into electrical energy and store it for household electricity use. At the same time, the integrated home energy storage machine can also optimize the management of electric energy through intelligent control systems, improve energy utilization efficiency, and reduce household electricity costs.

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