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12.8v 200ah Lifepo4 Battery​

Support high current dischrge ,Light weght ,small size,easy to carry ,RV energy storage lifepo4 battery

Brand New A Product Battery lithum Iron Phosphate Battery

It adopts power-type large-capacity lithum iron phosphate battery,which can be cycled 6000 times .many charge and discharge times, long service life

Large Capacity, Fast Startup, Long Life

Really large capacity: can start the parking air conditioner for more than 10 hours.
Instant starting current: supports 500-2000A instant starting.
Battery undervoltage, one-button start: it will still start without power, emergency power supply for 60 seconds, no road rescue required.

Reliable After-Sales Service

  1. Assist customers to analyze problems. Locate existing faults.
  2. Help solve problems and provide solutions.
  3. If there is a problem with the battery quality, it will be replaced for free.

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Battery typeLiFePO4LiFePO4 
Nominal Voltage12.8V12.8V 
Amp Hour Capacity100AH200AH 
Energy Density1280Wh2560Wh 
Charging cutoff Voltage14.6V14.6V 
Discharge cutoff Voltage10V10V 
Max Charge Current50A50A 
Max Discharge Current100A150A 
Charge Temperature(0 to 45)℃(0 to 45)℃ 
Discharge Temperature(-20 to 65)℃(-20 to 65)℃ 
Dimension (LxWxH)330*170*215mm520*240*220mm 
Gross Weight12kgs19kgs 
Shipping ClassificationUN38.3/MSDSUN38.3/MSDS 
Number of Fires600times6000times

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