ERICSITY High quality solar photovoltaic products

Solar products from China, including flexible solar panels, rigid solar panels, portable power supply, folding bags, home storage batteries and so on. Beautiful appearance and reliable quality.

product description

solar panel

  • 320w*2pc mono solar panel
  • 1870*880*35mm
  • Using MBB technology, stronger ability to resist shadow occlusion
  • Reduce risk of hot spots
  • High Efficiency PERC Cell Process
  • Efficient circuit design, effectively reducing system BOS cost
micro inverter-balcony solar system

micro inverter

  • 600W Micro Inverter*1
  • Power conversion rate up to 99%
  • 5 years warranty
  • 25 years service life
  • Built-in wifi real-time monitoring
  • Separate MPPT
DC cable -balcony solar system

DC cable and MC4 connector

Lifespan over 25 years

Bracket-balcony solar system


Lifespan over 25 years

Junction Box-balcony solar system

Junction Box

  • High current and voltage carrying capacity
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 500N tensile strength
Wooden packing-balcony solar system

Wooden packing

Provides good protection for the entire solar system

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