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Solar products from China, including flexible solar panels, rigid solar panels, portable power supply, folding bags, home storage batteries and so on. Beautiful appearance and reliable quality.

product description

Lightweight & Ultra-thin Design

Ultra-light weight, 3.5kg per square meter, hardly increases the yacht load, and enjoys green energy with peace of mind;

Easy to Transport,Carry And Install

The solar panel suits most curved surfaces sa it is bendable within 240 degrees.It weights only 1/3 of the rigid panel and presents an all-black glare-free appearance.

The bending radius is up to 30cm, suitable for yacht/RV arc installation, the material is soft and will not scratch the surface of the yacht/RV;

Ultra High Flexibility

Using ultra-thin silicon wafers and advanced organic polymerpackaging materials, the bending radius is up to 0.30m, which canperfectly fit all kinds of curved roofing.

Easy to install, can be directly glued (Quick Bonding), no need for brackets, does not take up space, saves time, effort and space;

Efficient and Reliable


NMOT:Irradiation:800W/m², Temperature:20℃,Air Speed:1m/s

Product gegevens

Nominal Power100W-Mono100W-Sunpower
CellMono 166*83mm, 36(3*12)Sunpower Mono 125*125mm, 64(4*8)
Junction boxIP68 (3 bypass diodes), MC4 compatible connectorsIP68 (3 bypass diodes), MC4 compatible connectors
Connector44.0mm² (IEC) Conductor length: (+)250mm, (-)350mm, conductor length can be customized44.0mm² (IEC) Conductor length: (+)250mm, (-)350mm, conductor length can be customized

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