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High Efficiency

Sunpower solar cell up to 24% efficiency

Super Waterproof

With IP65 high waterproof rate Withstands all weather conditions

Durable Quality

Lower power drop and longer lifespan

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Let's take a look at ERICSITY's folding solar panels

Let’s check its panel, power connection port and whether it is convenient and easy to use


10 different sizes of connectors

  • Use with these 10 adapters,ERICSITY can compatible with most generators on the market.
  • Contains 2 USB Ports (One is Fast Charge), One DC Port, 1 Type C Port

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Let's help you start a high-quality camping life

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Solar cell typeSUNPOWER single crystal
Number of cells32
Cell conversion efficiency23%
Peak power (W)100W
Open circuit voltage (V)21.12V
Peak voltage (V)17.6V
Peak current (A)5.68A
Short circuit current (A)6.25A
Lamination methodETFE Laminate
Cable/connector modelUSB voltage regulator box
range of working temperature-20℃~~ +75℃
Power temperature coefficient0.1%/℃


Most frequent questions and answers

Ericity100W solar panel supports QC3.0 24W & PD 45W fast charging, the usb and type C outputs can power most 5V mobile devices, like phones, ipad, airpods, power bank, usb fan and some 9V, 12V or 15V devices. As to the 18V/6.67A DC output, pls make sure the voltage range of your devices include 18 Voltage. We recommend you choose our 120W solar panels to recharge your portable power station or solar generator for better charging results.

In the ideal state of the laboratory, the maximum output power of the solar panel is 100W, but the actual output power is directly related to the local solar radiation intensity and the receiving angle of the solar panel.

Yes, the solar panel is IP65 water-resistant that will protect from water splashing. Do not place it under the rain, or to soak in water for a long time.(Note: The junction box is not waterproof, please keep it dry)

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