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1. Basic introduction of portable solar panels

In a portable solar panel, which includes several photovoltaic panel modules, the photovoltaic panel modules are provided with an interface for externally connecting a power storage device or electrical equipment, and each two photovoltaic panel modules are hinged together by a hinge so that the Several photovoltaic panel modules can be folded or unfolded. When in use, several photovoltaic panel modules can be unfolded to increase the area of sunlight exposure; when the place of use needs to be changed, several photovoltaic panel modules can be folded together without disassembly. The photovoltaic panel will not cause damage to the photovoltaic panel so that the service life of the photovoltaic panel is longer, and several photovoltaic panel modules are folded together to reduce the occupied space, making the solar panel easy to carry, transport and move.

     Portable solar panels are assembled with oxford cloth sewing and then output through a voltage stabilizing box or other different connectors, so as to meet the requirements of easy portability and convenient installation.

The solar folding box is to connect the solar panels through hinge locks and other connectors and install the bracket legs, which have the function of folding and closing and can be moved. Usually, glass plate components are used. Due to weight constraints, glass plate components are often changed to PCB backplane laminates, which can greatly reduce the weight of the folding box and reduce transportation costs. Solar foldable panel chargers are generally smaller in size, laminated through one piece, and have folding characteristics

Portable solar panels are combined through lamination technology, with a simple and elegant appearance, a certain hardness, and strong waterproof and corrosion resistance.

2. Comparison of Portable Solar Panels and Traditional Electric Power

Power Bank and Portable Solar Panel

Charging: Generally, the traditional mobile power supply can only be charged by using the matching data cable. If you forget the data cable, even if you have a mobile battery, it will not help. The solar mobile power supply uses the internal MPPT solar control system to support multi-port output. As long as there is sunlight, it can play the role of charging.

Utilization: Traditional mobile power supply is easy to be scrapped if time is permanent. Most people will choose to throw it away and buy a new one. Portable solar panels are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. They can be used for at least 10 years when used properly. Even if they are damaged, they can be concentrated. Processed for recycling.

Application: The traditional mobile power supply only powers mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, while portable solar panels can also power electronic devices below 100W such as lamps, TVs, drones, fans, and notebooks.

On-board generators and portable solar panels

The upfront cost of solar equipment is similar to that of generators, but the solar charging system requires little maintenance and can be used reliably for a long time, and the solar battery system can well protect the RV backup battery. On the other hand, generators can easily cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to buy and repair, and also cost money and time to maintain.

The conversion efficiency and power of solar energy, as well as the altitude angle of the sun in the region, are the limiting factors for solar panel power generation. Therefore, solar energy has certain limitations. There are basically no restrictions on the onboard generator.

3. Application places of portable solar panels

Camping by car

We travel by car and camp for a long time. At this time, electricity consumption is a very important issue. As long as there is sufficient sunlight, portable solar panels can provide us with a steady stream of electricity.


During cycling and mountaineering, we can hang the small solar foldable bag on the body where the sun shines to ensure that our mobile phones, mp3, and other small appliances can be charged without worry during the trip.

Outdoor live broadcast

Most people choose to live broadcast on mobile phones, but live broadcast on mobile phones consumes power quickly and cannot be interrupted. Once this happens, it will still cause more troublesome consequences, so carrying a solar power bank is a good choice.


All aspects of the conditions at sea are not guaranteed, especially the power resources, the mobile phone may only last for a day or two, then this solar mobile power supply can be an emergency power supply, and timely report the safety of the family on the shore.

Having said so much, are you interested in solar folding panels? Please contact us and we will answer more questions for you.



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