An flexible solar panel order from Czech Republic

Friend from the Czech Republic buy flexible panels to power his boats.

About ericsity

Ericsity is a solar panel manufacturer from China, main products including flexible solar panels, portable solar panels, home solar systems and related accessories.1-40KW household solar system,industrial and commercial systems above 50KW,can be customized.

About order

This month we have an order from  Prague city,Czech Republic, the customer ordered 100 pieces of 140W solar flexible panels, solar flexible panels are a product commonly used in cars (especially RVs) and various types of boats, it is very thin and can Bending, there is a certain ability to resist vibration, which effectively avoids the fragmentation of the solar cell. Our customers buy them to use on their own boats, which reduces the electrical burden on the journey.

After sales and pay

The transportation settlement method we adopted for this order is CIF. The goods settlement method is T/T. Our after-sale time is 18 months, which protects customers from transportation loss and quality problems.

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ERICSITY leverages its advantages in electrification, industrial automation and material science and technology, focuses on the global popularization of PV and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

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